Daemon, wish and pod2man

Michael Spratt michael at spratt.com
Wed Nov 22 08:21:38 PST 2000

On 2000.11.22 07:24:18 -0600 Sanjuro Europa wrote:
> I am missing some utilities I need to compile or run programs. Where can
> I 
> find them?
> Daemon
> Needed by Samba to run in the background. The one at 
> http://libslack.org/daemon/ doesn't seem to be the right one or is it?

I'm not sure about this one.  Don't have Samba running, sorry.

> Wish
> Needed by 'make xconfig' for the Linux kernel.

Wish comes from Tk.  You'll need to download and install Tcl and Tk.  Oh,
one thing.  Tk needs the source code from Tcl in order to compile.  So
don't delete the Tcl directory until you're done with both packages.

> Pod2man
> Utility needed to create documentation. And also db2html (I think) used
> by 
> KDE 2.

pod2man should come with Perl.  At least that's what "man pod2man" says.

Michael Spratt

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