multiple processes

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Nov 22 01:34:14 PST 2000

On Wednesday 22 November 2000 00:19, you wrote:
> when i do top i see my multiple process for one application like
> 4 xmms
> 9 kdeinit
> 7 mozilla-bin
> etc..
> is that normal?

Short version is, the kernel is concerned with processes, not applications. 
Multi-process apps get an entry in ps or top for each process.

I don't know about top, but ps treats threads that way too - I have 5 entries 
for licq, even though it only has one process. Confusing, because the 
resources are shared between threads - it's not actually taking up as much 
memory as it appears.

So in short, all of those apps are either multi-process or multi-threading. 


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