2.4 kernel & lilo

Tom Cashman tom at cashmans.screaming.net
Tue Nov 21 15:16:51 PST 2000

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I just don't know what to try.

I wanted to compile a 2.4 kernel to go alongside the 2.2 I installed with
lfs. Okay, so I moved the /usr/src/linux directory to /usr/src/linux_2.2,
uncompressed the 2.4 sources into a directory linux_2.4 and created a
symlink 'linux' to the old sources. Then I did everything the lfs book told
me to do for the last kernel (all the make's!).

I renamed System.map in the /boot directory, and copied the new one from the
2.4 sources (wasn't quite sure about that!). Then copied the bzImage over
into /boot, added an entry in /etc/lilo.conf identical to the 2.2kernel but
with a different label and image, and reran lilo.

So, everything seemed fine. But when I rebooted and selected the new kernel
image at the menu, lilo displays the first few lines (up to 'Ok, booting the
kernel...') and then just hangs. I have to press the reset button on the
machine to get out. The old (2.2) kernel still works fine.

Is this symptomatic of anything in particular?

Thanks for any help in advance,
    Tom Cashman

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