Network Support using PCMCIA and a 3Com 575

Seri Al-Najjar Seri_Al-Najjar at
Tue Nov 21 06:39:09 PST 2000

Hi all, a quick mind pick if I can, I've got an LFS system all up
running fine, still got quite a few bit's and bobs extra to install, but
generally all seems to be well, however I do have a problem with network
I've compiled and installed PCMCIA Services (v3.1.22), I know that it
works as I can get my PCMCIA Modem to dial up and establish a ppp
connection, but I can't for the life of me work out how to configure
PCMCIA Ethernet support.
I've tried using the included Ethernet startup scripts that come with
the PCMCIA-CS package, I've read through the PCMCIA Howto, I've checked
to make sure that my cards supported (it is).
If anyone knows the quick a dirty way of configuring it then please let
me know.
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