upgrading the kernel

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 21 01:20:42 PST 2000

> *whew* that sound scary... Is it worth it?
> In my case, stability is my main concern, performance and security are on
> second place.. (well, if it crashes less than once a month, I call it
> stable, I mean, my X crashes daily (on my non-lfs box)
> (my pc's not critical in the way it can't be offline, it can't be offline
> for longer than 2 days as all our internet goes trough it and it's the
> fileserver too...)
> BTW, if I decide to take the 2.4a kernel, (2.4's not out, is it) would I
> need to recompile some programs (such as c, libs and such) other than the
> kernel headers???

I installed LFS with the 2.3.51 kernel, upgraded to 2.4test10 with no 
problems. Some things may need to be recompiled if you're upgrading from 2.2 
- ppp is the only one that comes to mind - that has some differences 
depending on which kernel you're using. There are probably other things, but 
I don't know of any.

As for stability, I have no problems, with the kernel, although as a home 
system, my machine doesn't run for long without rebooting anyway. Looking 
forward to the official 2.4 release.


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