X Consumes constant 90-99% CPU usage

James Green jim at vardus.net
Mon Nov 20 10:22:24 PST 2000

> >
> > Hi,
> > Don't know if this is the most useful thing to say,
> >
> All input is usefull ;)
> >
> > whether or not something that sounded pretty similar to this was an X
> or
> >
> Myself, I don't really think it is a bug since the same X version runs
> in my mandrake distro, but more of a configuration problem or something.
> Like X tries to allocate a resource, but fails to do so, then tries to
> allocate it again, fails again, etc. etc. Creating an endless loop which
> consumes all the CPU resources. Cant possibly imagine what that resource
> might be though... Suggestions, anyone?

That was why I remember it - some big bad guru type flamed some newbie for
reporting something similar to this as a bug. A few days later someone else
reported much the same, and a few days after that... I belive there are
archives at xfree86.org - I gave up on the mailing list because it was
rather high volume and most of it went straight over my head!

happy hunting,


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