X Consumes constant 90-99% CPU usage

J.Smith temp201 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 20 09:20:39 PST 2000

> Hi,
> Don't know if this is the most useful thing to say,

All input is usefull ;)

> whether or not something that sounded pretty similar to this was an X bug

Myself, I don't really think it is a bug since the same X version runs fine
in my mandrake distro, but more of a configuration problem or something.
Like X tries to allocate a resource, but fails to do so, then tries to
allocate it again, fails again, etc. etc. Creating an endless loop which
consumes all the CPU resources. Cant possibly imagine what that resource
might be though... Suggestions, anyone?

But ill check out the X mailing lists. Do these guys have an archive
available ?

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