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Le Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:00:57PM +0100 approximativement, Miroslav Hrachovec écrivait un message de 1,6K :
> > 
> > My LFS system shares one of my drives with a Windows 98 system, which I 
> > boot very infrequently.  I'm about to replace the drive with a larger 
> > one. I've got the HD upgrade mini-HOWTO, and I think I know what to do 
> > as regards copying my Linux partition over.
> > 
> > My question is: Can I use Linux to copy my Windows partition over as 
> > well - by mounting the old and new vfat partitions and using "cp -ax"? 
> > It seems to me that it should work, is there any reason it might not?
> > 
> I don't know if it will work. At least you have to use FORMAT.EXE /s
> to make your drive bootable. Here helps no 'cp' no 'dd' It has to be
> FORMAT.EXE-generated bootsector. If you will succeeded let as know.
> But, I have other solution. There is excelent program called Norton
> Ghost from Symantec. It is tool for saving partition/disk into one file.
> And it has capabilities to extract it to the larger partitition.
> It isn't free but you can Try before Buy ...

Another solution is to tar gz your windows partition, and copy in the new place 

# create the windows partition
mount /mnt/dos
cd /mnt/dos
tar cf - * | bzip2 -v9 > /win.tar.bz2

# use mkdosfs to format a new partition here it is /dev/hda1 (verify the option)
mkdosfs -c -L 32 /dev/hda1

# in linux, mount the newly formated partition.
mount /mnt/dos
# cp the tar.bz2 and untar  
cp -v /win.tar.bz2 /mnt/dos
cd /mnt/dos
tar xyvf win.tar.bz2
# This is the end

in less than 30 mn you have a new windows system available. This is a good reason to become a linux lover. 

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