Unsuccessful at using RPM 4.0 Hint

Asad Chaudhary achaudhary at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 17 20:14:13 PST 2000

I've been unable to use the RPM 4.0 hint posted on an LFS list earlier this week...  I've attached
the error I get.  Basically, ld is unable to find -ldb-3.1, even though ldconfig -p lists it, and
its present in /usr/lib/libdb-3.1.so.  (I --prefix=/usr 'd the configuration script for db-3.1.17;
I don't see how that could be the problem, considering the /usr/local/BerkeleyDB---  path isn't
mentioned in the command that produces the problem, so whatever patch ldconfig -p reports should
work.  ldconfig -p reports /usr/lib/db-3.1.17.so.).  Please take a look at it and tell me what you think.


Asad Chaudhary
achaudhary at yahoo.com

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