this also glibc?

Arnout Couperus llhorian at
Thu Nov 16 09:44:27 PST 2000

Yeah I know, I'm looking around for a nice distro now. The problem is I was hoping LFS would be my 'nice distro' :)
Hmm, now I could install a new distro on the lfs partition and once that one is working resize the partitions and use my current debian partition to make LFS on. Trouble is I have to keep debian as long as the other distro is not working yet because I don't want to loose any of my files/documents and such.
Hmm, then I'll have one Win and two Lins :)
Just one question then, I was thinking of Stampede linux but that's not stable enough yet, so how is LFS reported to build on Slackware? (the current one is 7.1 I believe?) Will that one build LFS correctly? (it has an older glibc also :) 

Arnout Couperus

And on the day of Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 12:13:28PM -0500, Gerard Beekmans was heard defying the gods with the words:
> often that's hardware related (RAM). I still suggest try a stable 
> distribution. THat might contribute to stable running software that compiles 
> better
> -- 
> Gerard Beekmans
> -*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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