various problems

Simon Geard delgarde at
Thu Nov 16 02:20:03 PST 2000

> 3) do we have gnu gettext, linuxthreads 0.71 and Thread aware Xlibs.
> installed in lfs. i want to install xmms. if anybody did it i would
> appereciate if they shared their experience with me.

I'm in the process of compiling it now. The configure script ran without 
errors, so I assume it has all the necessary components.

> 4) what will happen if i do: # rm -R /usr/src. anything will stop
> working? i need to free some space.

You can delete everything, except the kernel includes directory 
(/usr/src/linux/include, I think it is.) Somewhere in the LFS book, there's 
an instruction to make a couple of links to stuff in that directory - the 
'asm' and 'linux' subdirectories. With care, you might be able to narrow it 
down further, if you don't need headers for ia-64, sparc, ppc, etc.


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