Long filenames on floppies

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at insight.org
Wed Nov 15 09:56:29 PST 2000

I quite often use FAT formatted floppies to transfer data from my PC at work
(with NT4) to my home PC (with Win98 & Linux).  Obviously everything works
fine copying to/from the floppy from within Windows, but I've discovered odd
behaviour in Linux.  When I've booted to my Mandrake 7.1 partition and copy
the files from a floppy to my HD, it keeps all the long file names.
However, when I'm in LFS and do the same thing, the filenames get truncated
to 8.3 format (i.e. gnome-whatever.tar.gz to gnome-~1.gz).  When I browse
the FAT32 partitions on my HD, all the long filenames come through good in
both Mandrake and LFS.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?  I have everything FAT-related
compiled into the kernel, and as I mentioned above, the filenames on my HD
are fine, and it's just the ones on the floppy that are getting truncated.

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