Why mawk?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Nov 15 07:37:39 PST 2000

On November 15, 2000 05:41 am, you wrote:

> > Hi all,
> Can someone tell me why mawk is used, and not e.g. gawk?

Gawk has been causing us tremendous headaches since we started with LFS. At 
first (during the LFS-1.x era) gawk simply didn't compile at all. then when 
it finally was able to compile, e2fsprogs didn't compile properly with gawk. 
Now I've heard that the new e2fsprogs (1.19) has new code that will work with 
gawk, but looking at gawk's track history, I still prefer mawk. It never 
caused any problems whereas gawk continues to do so.

Performance wise it doesn't matter. It's even said that mawk outperforms gawk 
in certain situations.

Gerard Beekmans

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