gcc on glic 2.2 howto is accessable again

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at snip.net
Wed Nov 15 07:28:19 PST 2000

IMHO the "in-house" prepared patch is preferrable over this one.

The later doesn't fix gcc's version of of libio.h, which is the really
the root of the problem. Functions prototypes declared in glibc and gcc
versions of libio.h must match.
I see the possibility of usage this patch in following scenario:
1) virgin gcc configured, built and installed.
2) glibc-2.2  configured, built and installed.
3) this patch applied ( updates gcc's headers in already installed directory
to match
    glibc's installed libio.h,  which declares _right_ interfaces to these
    _IO_seekoff and _IO_seekpos functions ).
It is not obvious ( I have no interest to check ) if libstdc++.{so,a} built
in 1)
carries any parts of STL that call _IO_seekoff or _IO_seekpos.
If it does, libstdc++.{so,a}will be broken.

The former looks like decent patch, which you apply to just unpacked
sources, and then configure/build/install in whatever way you want.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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