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Wed Nov 15 04:20:43 PST 2000

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> From:	Steve Loft [SMTP:steve at]
> I found that you can also specify dpi as an option to X, so I edited 
> the line which starts X in my Xservers file, and I now have 100 dpi!  
> Thanks.
> Steve
	[Philip Stubbs]  I have not got X running on my LFS system yet, but
when I was playing with this problem on my Mandrake system, it was because
some fonts in Mozilla were too small to read. I actually determined the DPI
of my screen by dividing the no. of pixels by the physical dimension. It
came out with a value of 96dpi. This is useful because some applications
specify things in physical units and not in pixels. By giving X the actual
dpi of the screen, things appear the correct size.

	Sorry if this is wandering off topic.   

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