To Sergey Ostrovsky

Duraid latif2221 at
Mon Nov 13 21:20:04 PST 2000

good news and bad news. the bad is that X4.0.1 didn't work for me after
spending 2 days on it, and no body seem to make i work after posting
more than 2 messages. good news i know that X3.3.6 works for  me ( im
using it now). bad news is that i can't seem to compile it, i tried to
be smart and read the documentation and do the configuration my self,
didn't work out... make World didn't compile even on thing.. good news
is we have somebody like you who even changes the source code to make
the package compile..... i would make the X11Guide even more complete if
there is a section on compiling X3.3.6, cause X4.0.1 doesn't work for


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