X 4.0.1

Dennis Leeuw dleeuw at made-it.com
Mon Nov 13 12:55:10 PST 2000

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:

> Yo,
> On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 09:22:04PM +0100, Dennis Leeuw wrote:
> > Have you tried to compile 4.0.1 with a 2.2.6 kernel and got reasonable output????
> 2.2.6, why the heck don't you upgrade..... i don't see what could cause
> any problems but either way, why don't yolu upgrade your kernel?
> I've compiled X401 on 2.2.[14,15,16,17] and 2.4.0-test8 just fine.

Gave me a black screen with just a couple of white dots. Then X hangs. I am in the
process of upgrading my kernel and will then try again, but there is so much more work
to do ;)

But thanks for giving me the confidence to try again.


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