compile error in isapnp-tools

Lukas Mol L.Mol at
Mon Nov 13 04:58:36 PST 2000

> From: Sergey Ostrovsky <sostrovsky at>
> Donnie Roos wrote:
>> There are probably more variables in the 'main' function
>> skip all of these and then place the assigment "o_file = stdout;"
True, there are more... why does the order matter?

>> Hmmm, you probably don't know what variables are (in C that is)
Not true, I even had a (introduction) course on c some three years ago (far
far away in my memory ;-) However I was confused by the weird/inconsistent
placement of the '*'. But no offense taken of course...
(Yes I know it has to do with (de)referencing)

>> Donnie Roos (who would really enjoy it if people would cut some more text
>> from their replies)
Maybe Sergey should do the same ...

> And it has some known problems ( including this ), which one can fix
> with patch-1.23a.
Hmm, I overlooked that, because I tried 1.22 also, which had the same
problem ... But thanks anyway.

Now, the real follow up: so far I've been able to compile and install isapnp
(thanks Donnie). I'm now fighting with the conf file, but I'm sure
eventually I'll win ...
'nough said.
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