Gnome won't start Sawfish

Michael Spratt michael at
Sun Nov 12 23:32:18 PST 2000

I don't know what happened.  Everything was working fine, then I
rebooted and sawfish wouldn't start.  I wasn't even messing with gnome
or sawfish either, at least not that I can recall.

Here's what I did before it broke down:
Installed a new kernel
Installed grub

I don't know if that had any real relevance, but I figure I'd cover all
the bases.  I did all that from within Gnome/Sawfish.  After I rebooted
with the new kernel, gnome warned me that I wasn't using a gnome
compliant window manager.  In fact, no window manager had been started.

I was able to run the control panel, so from there I switched to window
maker. Then I switched back to sawfish (it was selected as the default),
and everything was as it should have been.  To test it out, I saved,
logged out, and ran startx again.  Gnome again didn't start sawfish, or
anything else.

I looked at the config files and everything seems to be ok.

I set the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable to sawfish, but that
didn't work either.  The gnome-wm script used to take a while to load,
but I don't see it any more on the gnome startup graphic.  There aren't
any warnings or errors put out to the terminal either.

And one other thing.  Sawfish still works.  I set it to be my window
manager, and it loaded just fine.  I tried putting both sawfish and
gnome-session into .xinitrc, but that doesn't behave quite the same.

On a conspiracy note, I had finished compiling and installing KDE 2.0,
but hadn't used it yet. (It took me a while to figure out I needed
startkde instead of kwm.)  So now I'm using KDE.  It's nice, but
programs seem to crash often. (That might be my fault.)

Any ideas?

Michael Spratt

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