RPM & Kernel Sound

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Sun Nov 12 03:10:12 PST 2000

On Sunday 12 November 2000 08:30, you wrote:
> b. (MAIN QUESTION!) The lines starting from 'Intel 810 + AC97 Audio,
> version 0.17, 22:27:13 Nov  5 2000': should I be worried about all the
> 'failed' lines? I was so pleased when I saw the option in menuconfig
> because this is exactly the sound driver I need. But I'm not sure it's
> working. I heard a reassuring click from my speakers when the kernel loaded
> up this evening, but I don't really know how to test it & these messages
> look ominous! I tried downloading and installing mpg123 to try it out, but
> didn't really get anywhere once the program was compiled.

I've just gotten my AWE64 working, after a few problems. Are you compiling as 
a module, or built in?

My problem, you see, is that I wasn't loading the sound modules into the 
kernel. I never thought about that, because I've never had to do so in the 
past under Redhat. What I didn't realise is that Redhat includes a script 
that loads them automatically. Maybe you'll have the same problem?

It may not be a solutionh to your current problem, but it's possibly 
something you'll encounter later...


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