Logging in as root

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Sat Nov 11 07:35:59 PST 2000

On Saturday 11 November 2000 14:09, you wrote:

> When I start, say in runlevel 3 or I drop out of KDE by Ctr Alt F1 is a
> root login NOT the user login, which is what I have at present.   To get to
> root at present I have to login as the user and then su root, to get to
> root, if that makes sense.   I need to be presented  with a login from
> which I can type 'root' and then the password, in other words a root login
> by 'default.'. I've got this on my old Mandrake distro, but have never had
> it on LFS.
Thats the way LFS normaly behaves, too.

Well, normaly you can change this behaviour with the
/etc/login.defs file. try man login.defs or reading the file (it is well 
commented) for a start, and see if you can solve your problem there.
If you install the default files for login.def and login.access it should 
work though. (IIRC they come with agetty)

Hope that helps.


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