Logging in as root

C.D.McDiarmid cliffy at cliffhangers.screaming.net
Sat Nov 11 07:11:27 PST 2000

> If I get this straight, as soon as you boot in runlevel 3 or higher you are
> presented with a login prompt that let's you only login as a user, not as
> root? Correct?

CORRECT!   I'm sorry if no one understands me, Linux has brought back all the 
enjoyment to computing since abandoning Windoze, but I still have yet to 
speak the 'right' language.

> If this is the case I suspect /etc/securetty is the one you are looking for
> as the previous writer already mentioned.

Yes, I have no such file, I don't remember having to create one from the LFS 

> What would make this discussion clearer is by avoiding things as root login
> and user login. Better formulate things like: 'I can only login in as
> root/user', or 'I don't get a login prompt, but are dumped in a shell as
> root', or something like that.
I think we have it now, but just to be clear:

> So, let's start over again, sorry for the trouble, but I am just trying to
> get clear what is going on. You boot your machine and you get a login
> prompt (console) or screen (graphical).

> What happens when you login as user?

The username and password are accepted

>What happens when you login as root?

I type 'root' - it asks for the password - login incorrect

> When does the problem start?

At this point, but I simply 'su root' and I'm in.   Of course this only 
occurs when i first hit a runlevel after logging as root everything is fine.

Many thanks to everybody

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