Logging in as root

Karsten Wemheuer kwem at gmx.de
Sat Nov 11 05:42:57 PST 2000


this is my first post on this list and my english is not very well....

On Don, 09 Nov 2000 You wrote: 
> > There is a secure setup in Mandrake that prevents a root login, much 
> > like you can prevent a remote login as root.  I believe he has built 
> > LFS on that system and somehow, unknowingly replicated the problem
> > on his LFS build. 
> >  
> > Is that right C.D.?
> No, I can login as root, but not before I have to login as an ordinary user.  
> What I need to know is how to make the root login the DEFAULT in any
> runlevel(except perhaps one).

I think, there is a "login" configured to check the file
/etc/securetty. As written on the man-Page to login(1), this file
restricts the ability of root to log in only to TTYs listed in the file
/etc/securetty. So mayby this file exists and is emtpy?


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