Logging in as root

Dennis Leeuw dleeuw at made-it.com
Sat Nov 11 05:22:07 PST 2000

"C.D.McDiarmid" wrote:

> <Uhhh... can you try to make that a little clearer>
> Right, I will try.
> <So, you _can't_ log as root (at all, it's denied, check your logs) this
> is at the console? id check /etc/securetty and /etc/limits>
> No, I can log as root at the console, no probs, i.e. I'm presented with the
> root login if I'm in root and I start a console. And I'm presented with the
> user login if I'm in user and start a console.
> As for default, what do you mean? automaticly logon as root?!?
> Okay this is what I would like in LFS. (Mandrake has it, probably RH too).
> When I start, say in runlevel 3 or I drop out of KDE by Ctr Alt F1 is a root
> login NOT the user login, which is what I have at present.   To get to root at
> present I have to login as the user and then su root, to get to root, if that
> makes sense.   I need to be presented  with a login from which I can type
> 'root' and then the password, in other words a root login by 'default.'. I've
> got this on my old Mandrake distro, but have never had it on LFS.

If I get this straight, as soon as you boot in runlevel 3 or higher you are
presented with a login prompt that let's you only login as a user, not as root?

If this is the case I suspect /etc/securetty is the one you are looking for as
the previous writer already mentioned.

What would make this discussion clearer is by avoiding things as root login and
user login. Better formulate things like: 'I can only login in as root/user', or
'I don't get a login prompt, but are dumped in a shell as root', or something
like that.

On every login-prompt, like

you could type root and when it asks for
the root password.

So it is only important what it says next, like
Login incorrect

Same for a graphical login.

So, let's start over again, sorry for the trouble, but I am just trying to get
clear what is going on. You boot your machine and you get a login prompt
(console) or screen (graphical).
What happens when you login as user?

What happens when you login as root?

When does the problem start?


Dennis Leeuw
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