Logging in as root

C.D.McDiarmid cliffy at cliffhangers.screaming.net
Sat Nov 11 05:09:58 PST 2000

<Uhhh... can you try to make that a little clearer>

Right, I will try.

<So, you _can't_ log as root (at all, it's denied, check your logs) this
is at the console? id check /etc/securetty and /etc/limits>

No, I can log as root at the console, no probs, i.e. I'm presented with the
root login if I'm in root and I start a console. And I'm presented with the
user login if I'm in user and start a console.

As for default, what do you mean? automaticly logon as root?!?

Okay this is what I would like in LFS. (Mandrake has it, probably RH too).

When I start, say in runlevel 3 or I drop out of KDE by Ctr Alt F1 is a root
login NOT the user login, which is what I have at present.   To get to root at
present I have to login as the user and then su root, to get to root, if that
makes sense.   I need to be presented  with a login from which I can type
'root' and then the password, in other words a root login by 'default.'. I've
got this on my old Mandrake distro, but have never had it on LFS.


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