KDE themes

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Sat Nov 11 01:53:28 PST 2000

> > As a sidenote, I've found KDE2 very good, but also very buggy. I find a
> > lot of programs crash, especially when exiting. Something crashes on
> > startup, but I haven't worked out what it is yet...
> kspalsh problably.

Yes, that would be it - I don't get the splash screen when the crash occurs...

> > Anyone else have an opinion on KDE2?
> I've been runing KDE2 on my laptop since September and i'm impressed, a
> few thigs will crash, etc, but it doesn't bring the system down (and
> usually there is no loss of information/data), we will have to see how
> stable it will get after a few more stable releases :)

I guess I'm getting a few more crashes than you, but I find the same - no 
system crashes, and because programs crash on *exit*, no data loss. Wait and 
see, I guess...

Konqueror is nice, although I for some reason, it won't handle links to 
images itself - it insists on running an external program. Since my 
installation is minimal at present, I can't view screenshots and things...

Pretty good on the whole - just needs to work on stability...

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