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Willem Oldeman willem.oldeman at home.nl
Fri Nov 10 16:09:35 PST 2000

I'm working with qmail which suits me very well. I'm using it for outgoing
and incoming mail in a small masqueraded LAN with 4 users/machines behind
the masquerading firewall, but there seem to be a growing numbers of ISP's
(big boys) that use it as well.
It's quite easy to configure and maintain (unlike sendmail) and doesn't have
the security problems like sendmail (had?). It's also very fast. (I ran a
few mailing lists some time ago, it ran at least 10 times quicker then
sendmail). Apart from that it's modular, so it's easy to hook in something
new or hack a module to your own needs.

>From: Joseph F. Maceira <jmaceira at alleganyinternet.net>
>What I would like is everyone's opinion on a few program packages.
>xmail, sendmail, postfix, qmail - What's good?
>a good cron program
>a good rpg i can play on linux

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