Donnie Roos dr at
Fri Nov 10 07:50:17 PST 2000

Hi All,

Currently I am trying to find out how to use devpts (/dev/ptmx /dev/pts)

After searching in the kernel-documentation, manpages and various websites
I have only found instructions on how to enable it.

Enabling is as follows:
kernel config: UNIX98_PTY, DEVPTS
mknod /dev/ptmx c 5 2
mkdir /dev/pts
fstab: none /dev/pts devpts gid=<tty_id> mode=620 0 0

These instructions I understand. However what I want to know is:
- what does it replace
- do applications automatically use it (or must I recompile)
- can I delete the obsoleted /dev entries (and will everything continue to

The little info that I have found suggests that it replaces /dev/ptyXX,
/dev/ttyXX and /dev/ttypXX (this I found on a webpage about the release of
kernel 2.2). However continued searching did not turn up anything that
confirms this. Looking at my Slackware installation did not turn up
anything usefull since it contains devpts as well as /dev/ptyXX, /dev/ttyXX
and /dev/ttypXX.

So before enabling devpts and deleting the (obsolete?) /dev entries I would
like to hear from people more knowledgeable on devpts about it's usage.


Donnie Roos

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