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Misquoted from Joseph F. Maceira on Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 06:52:03PM -0500:
> What I would like is everyone's opinion on a few program packages.
> xmail, sendmail, postfix, qmail - What's good?
Done qmail, it works perfectly so I have not tried others.

> Also, can someone help me but giving advice or pointers on changing my
> startup scripts to support the devfs.  I got some funky errors and I'm 
> sure some modifications is in order.

Your first problem is /dev/tty1 does not exist, so init will not start
any login processes. My second problem was I had destroyed my backup
2.2.x kernal. If you do this, do not panic. You can still boot up with
/bin/mount -n -o remount,rw /dev/discs/disc0/part2 /
and make the following changes

/etc/inittab requires some changes like this:
1:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty /dev/vc/1 38400

/etc/mtab requires all the devices to be changed. Take a look in
/dev to see what you have. If you do not have all that you want,
take a look in /lib/modules/2.2.4/ and modprobe the drivers.

If you had to init=/bash,
/bin/mount -o remount,ro /dev/discs/disc0/part2 
Now reset and log in to an almost working system

The following need fixing:
/etc/lilo.conf      # boot sector device, root devices
/etc/login.defs     # valid virtual terminals root...
Files referenced from /etc/login.defs if you use them (eg login.access)
/etc/X11/XF86Config # change /dev/mouse
gpm must be recompiled - it thinks /dev/tty0 is the console
(/dev/console is the console, some half brained programs will use
/dev/vc/0 if /dev/tty0 does not exist, so having a boot parameter like
console=/dev/vc/8 will not work as well as it should)
gpm must also be told the new device for the mouse.
If you use pppd, the name of the serial device has changed
If you use dcd, cdda2wav or something like it, recompile with /dev/croms/cdrom0
If you use hdparms, all the disc device names have changed

When I changed to 2.4.0test_something_very_old, I got lots of problems
one of the things I did before fixing them was putting more stuff in
I do not know if these were required, but here they are anyway:
alias    eth0 tulip
alias    net-pf-1      unix
alias    net-pf-3      off       # no ax25 module available (yet)
alias    net-pf-4      off       # if you don't use the ipx module
alias    net-pf-5      off       # if you don't use the appletalk module
alias    net-pf-9      loop
alias    net-pf-17     af_packet # required if kernel option CONFIG_PACKET is M
alias    tty-ldisc-3     ppp-async
#alias   tty-ldisc-14    ppp-synctty
alias    char-major-108  ppp-generic
alias    ppp-compress-24 ppp_deflate
alias    ppp-compress-26 ppp_deflate

# Printer
#alias   /dev/printers lp
#alias   /dev/lp*      lp

The lines that are commented out are there so I know what to do if I get
the right hardware. Change tulip the the name of you ethernet card
driver module - if you have ethernet as a module.

I have a load of stuff in /etc/modules.conf for the sound card and video
card. These did not need changing. (I use alsa drivers for the sound card
so you may have different problems)


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