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Joseph F. Maceira jmaceira at alleganyinternet.net
Thu Nov 9 15:52:03 PST 2000


I have a LFS 2.4.2 system up and running.  Believe it or not, with Kernel 2.4.0-Test10...  Its awesome.

Is it just me or to be a linux pro, you gotta know system/network admin, programming, and a little bit of everything?  ;-)

What I would like is everyone's opinion on a few program packages.

xmail, sendmail, postfix, qmail - What's good?
a good cron program
a good rpg i can play on linux

Also, can someone help me but giving advice or pointers on changing my startup scripts to support the devfs.  I got some funky errors and I'm sure some modifications is in order.

Where can I find good detailed info on init scripts?

When is lfs 2.4.3 coming out? ;-)

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