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Quoting hawk on Wed, Nov 08, 2000 at 09:15:28PM -0500 :
> My Problem:  DHCP cable and 4 computers hooked up to my switch, but I only get 3 IPs.  
> I want to setup a firewall using IPTABLES feature of the new 2.4 test kernels.  I found information on setting up the IPTABLES from freshmeat.  That shouldn't be too hard to setup.
> I also want to plug my cable modem into one ethernet card going into the LFS machine and then the outgoing cable from my other ethernet card to my switch.  
> Gaming is a factor, but i'm not sure if IP Masquerading would allow me to do everything I'd want to.  

Sometimes, port forwarding needs to be done for UDP packets, but
that falls right into place with IP Masquerading.

> Is IP Masquerading the way to go? 


> Summarizing, I want a firewall LFS and I want it to forward the traffic to my other 3 computers.
> If anyone could direct me on how to take this issue, i'd be very thankful.  

You are on the right track.  Go for it.


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