xfree86 4.0.1

Greg T Hill greghill at terranova.net
Wed Nov 8 11:38:21 PST 2000

On Wednesday 08 November 2000 11:51, you wrote:

> > When I run startx, everything starts up ok, and the display manager runs
> and everything, but there is one problem. The desktop doesn't entirely fit
> on my screen.  I have to use my mouse to scroll around the desktop. Does
> anyone know how to fix this?

Why "fix" it ? It ain't broke, its a "feature" . ( oops, lapsing into 
Micro$peak) Personally I really like it, gives more room to use and arrange 
windows. Since I've gotten used to multipe virtual desktops I can't do 
without.  You might want to ry it for a while before you disable it.

Greg T Hill   
Today is Boomtime, the 20th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3166

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