Netscape and Xfree86

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Mon Nov 6 19:03:43 PST 2000


I have built LFS 2.4.2 on 2 separate machines (both with very different
graphics cards).  I have then installed XFree86-4.0.1 and Gnome
according to the hints.  I also installed Netscape 4.75 (and later
4.76)...  (I had to create a simlink for glibc because netscape links
with an older version).

Here it comes... (and I am curious if anybody else experienced this).
Whenever I save a picture file from a webpage in netscape (both
versions),  wierd things happen.  For a small picture, I usually get
video memory corruption (I see spots on the screen that correct
themselves after a little while).  For a larger picture, either the
computer freezes and hard drive goes on and on for a good 2 minutes
before returning to normal or the X server just crashes right away on a
signal 11.

Is this a bug from netscape, X11, one of the numerous graphics libraries
or just something not configured right?



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