man - segmentation faults

Willem Oldeman willem.oldeman at
Mon Nov 6 15:10:43 PST 2000

I have LFS up and running beautifully on an AMD Duron 600MHz SCSI/IDE
But the man pages don't run beautifully...
When I ask for a man page, eg. 'man login', it barks at me:
--:/usr/bin/groff: grotty: Segmentation fault
--/usr/bin/groff: troff: Segmentation fault
The man pages can be viewed though, but the error stings me.
The system runs linux-2.2.16, glibc-2.1.3, man-1.5h1 and groff-1.16. The
compiler is gcc 2.95.2.

Segmentation faults mean to me that the processor tries to operate on some
address space where it shouldn't be. But I haven't figured out yet how to
make the kernel dump core.
I've tried using less optimisation and lower processor code for both man and
groff, to no avail <sob>. Any hints?


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