Eric Woerdeman ericw at
Wed Nov 1 03:08:10 PST 2000

> Best thing with Samba is to setup SWAT and use it to configure Samba. The
> html book that comes with Samba is geared to SWAT.  Make sure that you have
> encryted passwords enabled.  Maybe you are failing to log in and defaulting
> to nobody.  Also W95 doesn't really use mixed case passwords, it sends an
> encrypted all-uppercase version of the password, so there is a setting for
> how many combinations of upper-lower case matches Samba will try, so If you
> have a password like AbCdEfGhIj and it is set to 3, it will fail. Make sure
> both smbd AND nmbd are started.
> Greg T Hill

Greg, Richard,

Thanks for your input. I imagined it would be something like SWAT. I'll give it
a try. About encprypted passwords: hacked the W95 registry to not send encrypted
passwords (which is possibly NOT a good thing, but hey, it's a home network).

Bye Eric

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