[blfs-dev] Where is the version? [was: ... r12912 ...]

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 12:56:24 PDT 2014

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Em 29-03-2014 14:05, pierre at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org escreveu:
>> Author: pierre
>> Date: Sat Mar 29 10:05:09 2014
>> New Revision: 12912
>> Log:
>> Make the Java Binary Page versioned and closer to the layout of other pages
> I do not know what I did wrong, but it is appearing unversioned
> everywhere, here, in indexes, title, etc.

I think you need to change the xref label

<sect2 id="java-bin" xreflabel="Java Binary" role="package">

in general/prog/java.xml.

How about "Java Binary (java-&openjdk-version;)"

   -- Bruce

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