[blfs-dev] PHP-5.5.10 error: 'tsrm_ls' undeclared [Was: ... #4813: SWIG 3.0.0]

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Mar 22 09:20:33 PDT 2014

Le 22/03/2014 15:59, Fernando de Oliveira a écrit :

> Now, it would be interesting hearing from Pierre.
> This is the sed I am intending to include in PHP:
>       sed '/APACHE_THREADED_MPM=/d' \
>           -i sapi/apache2handler/config.m4 \
>           -i configure &&
> Comment in ArchLinux:
> "	# Just because our Apache 2.4 is configured with a threaded MPM
>           by default does not mean we want to build a ZTS PHP.
> 	# Let's supress this behaviour and build a SAPI that works fine
>            with the prefork MPM."
> In BLFS:
> Command Explanations:
> sed '/APACHE_THREADED_MPM=/d' ... build SAPI, instead ZTS PHP
> If someone objects, please tell here.
> If someone could help me with the "Command Explanations:", I would much
> appreciate. Thanks.
> Anyway, will wait Pierre, before committing.

Back home after my hair cut... Seems you guy came to a solution while I was off.
When I saw the error this morning, I remembered seeing something about tsrm_ls
before, but could not remember where, sorry Fernando.

Now that we know where to search, let me:
- try to figure out what debian does. It is good to check that another distro
as the same approach, or to find another solution.
- test if the sed allows the swig tests to pass.
- try to understand that MPM vs zts stuff (last). Right now, I am unable to
give a rational "command explanation". This morning, I read that thread
storage was enabled with --enable-maintainer-zts in PHP, but adding the flag
did not help.
Will be back in an hour or so.


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