[blfs-dev] Avahi options and dependencies

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Mar 17 11:57:59 PDT 2014

When trying new python, I arrived to playing with avahi build, for some
reasons. Then I discovered some facts I am trying to understand.

First, I discovered that it not only depends on D-Bus Python, but also
on pygtk, former being recommended. But in the switches, we have


thus, none of the above packages will be linked.

Second, if I use


and remove "--disable-python", both modules are linked.

Third, if both switches aren't used, configure fails:

"configure: error: Could not find Python module gtk"


we use:

            --disable-qt3        \
            --disable-qt4        \

but only Qt4 is listed as optional.

Some of the problems in the page may even been introduced by me, can't
remember if/when it was updated.

I am reporting, so someone more experienced could give here a solution
or make a cleanup in the referred page (ticket, commit, ...).


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