[blfs-dev] Package Currency

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 20:30:13 PDT 2014

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Today I've been working on the package currency scripts at
> http://anduin.linuxfromscratch.org/~bdubbs/blfs-currency.html
> Most of the scripts are working, but I still need to address a few
> issues that have changed since I first wrote them last Fall.
> In any case the info there seems to be mostly correct.  I'll finish up
> the outstanding issues in the next day or so.
> There are a fair number of packages out of date that are not in the
> ticket system.  If someone want to go through and add new tickets for
> the out of date packages, please do so.

It took me all day to wrestle these scripts into shape.  The main 
problem is upstream devs who think it's clever to hide their directory 
listings of the packages they offer.  They spend time making clever html 
files that are automatically generated but that just makes it quite 
difficult to extract just what is the latest release.

The naming of files is also quite inconsistent.  For example, we have
junit4_4.11.orig.tar.gz.  First why do they need to tell us it's version 
4 twice.  Second, why do they need to add 'orig'.  What else would it 
be?  Binary?  If so, then for what architecture?  Actually junit is java 
and you don't have binaries.

In any case the scripts are current.  If the 'Latest' version is a 0, 
then it means that either the upstream server is down or someone was 
clever and changed a file name or web page.

There was at least one server down today: 0pointer.de.  We have several 
packages pointing there.  I've noticed it being down in the past.  It 
doesn't seem to be very reliable.

If you notice something wrong, please let me know, but please also tell 
me what the correct URL is that I can use to determine the most recent 
released version of the package.

   -- Bruce

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