[blfs-dev] Xorg Font package causes script stop and exit shell

Arthur Radley MisterArthurRadley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:03:57 PST 2014

Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Some packages modify or create packages in the local directory when 
> doing a make install so when you exit sudo, you can't delete those files 
> in the directory.  Just go ahead and use sudo to delete.
>    -- Bruce

Well, that isn't exactly why I posted about this. I already knew to delete
the directory as root. It's more about how I easily could have overlooked
this and moved on not knowing that about 600 files did not get installed.

I experimented with re-installing Xorg Fonts again with sudo as currently
written in the book, and also again as root, and again with the as_root
function added to the rm -rf line. The script as it is in the book
consistently exits the shell after installing that particular package.
Installing Xorg Fonts as root or with the extra as_root function call both
install identical complete package sets (I'm using a timestamp package
logging script).

I just sort of viewed this a potential defect in the those Xorg installation
scripts. Maybe not though. Could just be some kind of local issue with me.
So long.


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