[blfs-dev] Package stats

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 12:59:08 PST 2014

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> I find "du" more accurate, although more tome consuming,

Yes, that's why I went ot df.

so have to to
> mark some instants to avoid it from interfering in the timings.
> On example is that df will include the log size, perhaps you think it is
> relevant.

For me the log is at /usr/src/<pkg> so it is not included.

> But all numbers we give are approximate, large error bar, so I do not
> dispute methods or numbers.


> The problem there is that Ken found values very different, even one
> negative: building the API docs takes less than installing the ones in
> the tarball, is one example, and I can hardly believe this is possible:
> build taking less time than just installing the documents.

That would take some analysis.  I don't see how that could happen either.

> As I introduced many of these numbers, probably after what Ken used to
> do with ImageMagick, what I think is that being non-english speaking
> native, I am giving wrong names to what I measure. That was the reason I
> detailed how and what I measure there. It seems I need to rename in the
> book, some number I gave.
> What I mean is: everybody know 1 inch is different from 1 cm. But I can
> use a ruler, make a measurement and tell Ken it is 1, using a cm ruler,
> but he thinking I am using inches.
> He is not wrong
> I am not wrong

Yes, but seconds is the same for everyone.  So is <prefix>bytes.  Well 
some differentiate between KiB and KB.  :)

> We are giving numbers for different things, probably my fault of not
> writing carefully what my number means.

WE are just giving the user an approximation.  When I update, I do 
change the stats, but it's rarely a significant change.

   -- Bruce

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