[blfs-dev] Upcoming BLFS-7.5 release

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 3 16:14:56 PST 2014

On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 02:43:17PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> >>
> >> 2. The following explain an optional --libexecdir switch: gnupg2,
> >> emacs, librep, geoclue.  I don't have a problem with leaving this
> >> sort of thing in for a transitional period while people may still be
> >> using older versions of LFS (does 3 years sound about right?), BUT
> >>
> >> (i.) the markup is '<parameter>', I think it hould be '<option>' ?
>  From a logical standpoint I think both fit.  They are options to the 
> ./configure command, but are also parameters in that they are a "set 
> that defines a system or sets the conditions of its operation".
> However I do think our use should be consistent.  In the html, option is 
> inside of <code> constructs.  We define that in the css to be monospace. 
>   For the parameter, we the text is inside <em><code> tags that render 
> as monospace slanted on my system.  We do not define em outside of a 
> note, warning, etc.
> Which we choose probably doesn't make much difference.  I would select 
> option just because it is less keystrokes.
> In any case, I don't think it's enough of an issue to hold up release of 
> BLFS-7.5.
 I thought from an earlier reply that you considered these to be
leftovers from when we had --libexecdir=/usr/lib in the commands for
these packages.  So, I was going to delete them.  Now, I'll add this
for: colord, ConsoleKit, cpio, evince, git, gnome-terminal, the gstreamers,
icon-naming-utils, NetworkManager, vte, webkitgtk.  I'll do a
separate commit, for ease of reverting it if needed.  There might be
other packages, but I'm just going from what is in the ChangeLog.

 For consistency, it has to be an option.  Compare e.g. the last
explanation [ --enable-slp ] in OpenLDAP.  There used to be a lot
more examples, before people agreed that --disable-static should be
preferred.  I actually think that monospace for options, but italic
for parameters is back-to-front, and perhaps increases the number of
false reports about a command being explained but not used, but
that's just another of the things about the book's XML which has to
be learned..

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