[blfs-dev] Is Java AWT peer needed for GCC java?

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Jun 30 12:22:41 PDT 2014


There is something I need to ask about GCC-Java: In order to have a more
conform JVM, one needs an AWT (abstract window toolkit) peer, which provides
an interface between the AWT and a real window system. As far as I understand,
the only functional AWT peers available under GCC are gtk and qt. I tried
xlib, but it seems that the jawt library is not built.

gtk requires a lot of dependencies by itself, and also libart, which is not
anymore in the book. I have not tried qt yet, and am not even sure it works.
It has a big set of dependencies too.

Before going further, I want to read your thoughts about several solutions:
1) include the gtk peer (as recommended), and put libart_lgpl back in the book.
2) try the qt peer and include instructions for it if it works.
3) not give any instructions for the awt peer, ans only mention it in the
command explanations.

Note that as far as I understand, swing (a superset of AWT) is not yet
implemented in GCC. Actually, development for Java GCC is currently almost
stopped (a couple of patches in the last year).

Looking forwards to reading your answers

PS : I've unsubscribed the list and subscribed again, and I hope it fixed my
subscription. However, please, Bruce and Fernando, could you send me a short
message privately telling that you answered this mail, so that I know if I
missed your message?

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