[blfs-dev] Possible BLFS systemd solution

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sun Jun 29 12:55:37 PDT 2014

Hello all,

As you could see, few moments ago I've commited a "systemd2" branch,
which contains a prototype of how I would try to create and maintain
BLFS systemd book from single (fsvo single) xml source hierarchy.

So how would I achieve that?

Since there are far more packages that don't require any modifications
for either systemd or systemv, it would be a bit overkill to maintain a
separate branch, especially since it's impossible to keep up with Fernando.

I know this has been rejected in the past, but here I go again. Chris
gave me an idea of having two different "chapter" files (the ones that
contain all xincludes from a chapter) and let the "make" process decide
which one should be used.

So the idea would be to have:


The first one would be the same as postlfs/security/security.xml
currently is, just renamed.

Packages that require modifications for systemd would be renamed to do
that, ie

postlfs/security/polkit.xml would be for systemv setup
postlfs/security/polkit-systemd.xml would be for systemd setup

The second one would be referenced in
postlfs/security/security.xml.systemd mentioned above.

This would require a small change to BLFS top level Makefile as well as
renaming the chapter files in the current book. I have commited the
"systemd2" branch for prototyping the chapter "Security".

Only thing that would change for editors is to make sure they use
chapter.xml.systemv or chapter.xml.systemd instead of chapter.xml for
inclusion of new packages.


Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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