[blfs-dev] Finding libraries which are dlopen()ed

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jun 29 11:12:25 PDT 2014

Em 29-06-2014 14:52, Ken Moffat escreveu:
>  I'm not sure if that title is exactly what I'm looking for.  ISTR
> that somebody, perhaps Igor, pointed to a way of finding out which
> libraries can get dynamically loaded at runtime (i.e. when needed)
> by a program.  All that google comes up with is readelf -d | grep
> NEEDED, but AFAICS that shows only the same libraries as ldd, i.e.
> those which are always loaded.
>  I vaguely recall that Fernando started using this method, and that
> it probably requires a package which is not in BLFS.
>  Unfortunately, searching through my notes, and mails, has not found
> anything.
>  Because I'm vague about this, I might have identified the wrong
> people.  If so, apologies.
> TIA for any clues.

scanelf, from pax-utils:


scanelf -BF "%f: %n"

I build with:

sed -i "/^PKGDOCDIR/ s/pax-utils/&-0.8.1/" Makefile &&
make USE_CAP=yes
make USE_PYTHON='yes' install


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