[blfs-dev] Testfiles to prove TeX is working

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 28 16:18:31 PDT 2014

 I have now managed to create a package which tests the basic
functionality of TeX Live (when I last touched this, most of the
examples I found had problems).  :


 It has four targets, all of which create a PDF of the same name :

latex : uses pdflatex, checks the basics

lualatex : checks UTF-8 TTF / OTF font handling, and uses lua to
generate a random number.

picture : creates a coloured venn diagram to test that asymptote is

encyclopedium : to quote from Deep Purple In Rock's sleeve notes:
"some old roots, replanted".  Random thoughts, mostly unreliable, to
test indexing with xindy (yay! I found an example which actually
still worked with last year's TeX Live - xindy has had many changes).

 All of these, except for encyclopedium, are single pages (if you
use A4).  Encyclopedium produces 4 pages (if it works) - for me it
works on last year's binary install on top of BLFS-7.5, now I need
to find out if I still have a from-source TeX install which includes

 Dependencies: Xorg, with either Deja Vu Serif (preferred) or
FreeSerif fonts (and, of course, fc-list).

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