[blfs-dev] Lynx 2.8.8 in BLFS 7.5 - silent version change?

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 20 09:32:48 PDT 2014

Em 20-06-2014 13:02, David Brodie escreveu:
> Hi
> The file I have just downloaded today has failed a checksum test, the
> actual checksum being as follows:
>> md5sum lynx2.8.8.tar.bz2
> b231c2aa34dfe7ca25681ef4e55ee7e8  lynx2.8.8.tar.bz2
> rather than f467c043fe9a3963fc1c05f54923803f as stated in the BLFS 7.5
> book.
> Further investigation reveals that the CHANGES file in the source root
> folder states that the current version is now "2014-03-09 (2.8.8rel.2)"
> (currently the version in the Development Book), rather than the
> original release. The download location is still
> http://lynx.isc.org/lynx2.8.8/lynx2.8.8.tar.bz2 (or the same as ftp:)

I confirm that the above lynx2.8.8 is the same as in svn.

The one in BLFS 7.5 can be found here:


and has the md5sum as in the book 7.5.

New entry in the errata, perhaps?


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