[blfs-dev] Linux-PAM and sudo

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jun 15 07:34:49 PDT 2014

Em 15-06-2014 10:45, Pierre Labastie escreveu:
> Le 15/06/2014 15:06, ALZ (phyglos.org) a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> The sudo page in BLFS says:
>> "If you've built Sudo with PAM support, issue the following command..."

> Sudo builds perfectly without pam.

Earlier, I thought to reply to this, but always came up with too long or
too short replis, and gave up.

> I agree that the wording on the page is
> misleading. Maybe something like:
> "If PAM is installed on the system, sudo is built with PAM support. In that
> case, issue the following command."
> Note that the command may as well be issued without PAM support. It just
> creates a file, which is not used.

I like this form. Please, if you don't mind, do it.


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