[blfs-dev] Recent Activities

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 11:00:50 PDT 2014

Dan McGhee wrote:
> On 06/03/2014 03:31 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Just a note to say thinks to all who have helped in my exploration of
>> a lot of new hardware. I have now made everything work on my new
>> laptop and it has been a challenge.
> And the same thanks to you from me for the same things. Exploring new
> hardware is, let me say, interesting, frustrating, and satisfying.
> Thanks for all you do, Bruce.
>> One of the reasons I got the new system was to have additional HW to
>> support BLFS development. Here is a list of things that I have now
>> been able to check out:
> I snipped much of the list.
>> Bootable GPT Partition
>> Disabling unneeded UEFI 'BIOS'
> Could you please amplify on what you wanted and what you did. I'm
> particularly interested in what you call "unneeded UEFI 'BIOS'"--what
> you wanted to do, what prevented it and how you solved it.

I powered up the system with the F2 key held down.  I then got the BIOS 
screen and had to enable legacy BIOS mode so I could boot from a USB 
drive.  There is no need for me to sign my kernels, etc.  That's an 
especially annoying thing to do when I'm updated the kernel 
configuration a lot.

> Also, I've not, when I didn't make mistakes, not encountered my GPT
> partition not booting. To what are you referring?

For a GPT partition GRUB wants a special partition of it's own (1 Mb). 
The first time I started it up I forgot that.  I hadn't booted from a 
GPT formatted disk before this.

> I completed a {,B}LFS system in late Feb to early March. The "dev team"
> was involved in publishing LFS-7.5, testing BLFS against it and
> overcoming inertia for the systemd experiment. As a result, and because
> I wanted an LFS based system as my "go to," I got one working, but left
> a few things to do. Life then interfered and I haven't gotten back until
> just now.
> I need dual boot capability because Apple, to my knowledge, has not
> written a linux compatible version of iTunes. Additionally, I don't
> currently have good printing and photo manipulation in my BLFS. Long
> winded intro to saying--one of the things I wanted to do was use Grub,
> employing its EFI stubs to boot my system. Currently I'm using gummiboot
> and the kernel efi stub. But I really like Grub's capability and getting
> to work in this environment would be really great. That is a goal of my
> for this build.

My idea of multi-boot is LFS (many versions), Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

>> Along the way I've been able to study the Linux Kernel configuration
>> in additional depth, work with polkt/consolkit, and finally explore
>> gtk+ and some gnome applications that I didn't have before.

> Because of what I wanted to do graphically with xfce, actually
> dependencies in BLFS, I got involved with polkit and consolekit so I'm
> interested in riding along on the learning curve when it comes to this.

I'm not sure what you are asking.  What I found was that *kit really 
doesn't want to work without PAM.  Other than that, just follow the book.

   -- Bruce

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