[blfs-dev] [BLFS Trac] #5155: xulrunner/firefox-30.0

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Thu Jun 12 10:22:49 PDT 2014

On 06/12/2014 01:20 PM, BLFS Trac wrote:
> #5155: xulrunner/firefox-30.0
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> Comment (by Krejzi):
>  Thanks for the heads up Fernando. I will try building standalone version
>  of Firefox and see if it will solve my problem.
>  FYI, this is the most recent bug report I have managed to stumble upon. It
>  also affects Windows.
>  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1014214
>  If you have found some other, please say so that I could add my voice to
>  it :)

I just built Firefox-30.0 standalone and tabs are restored properly at
startup. I even enabled system-cairo and it seems that all problems that
I previously had with it are gone (mostly with flash player). However, I
did notice that flash player will crash when gstreamer-vaapi is
installed. I have no clue why would flash player try to use gstreamer
but removing that package stopped flash player from crashing. Video
isn't hardware accelerated but at least my laptop's temperature doesn't
increase for 20°C when I play html5 video anymore.

Also, instead of generating the installer and doing extract, there has
been a change in build system that allows you do accomplish the same
result with make install.

Simply run "make -f client.mk install INSTALL_SDK=" (INSTALL_SDK=
without any parameters, not a typo).

I'd suggest enabling system-cairo for both thunderbird and firefox again
since some people already said there should be no problems. Note that
cairo needs --enable-tee switch by default and might need a patch
pointed by a guy on one of lfs mailing lists.

Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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